Modern Slavery

According to Global Estimates on Modern Slavery and Child Labour in 2017, modern slavery is an umbrella term that describes situations where an exploited person cannot refuse or leave because of threats, violence, coercion, deception, or abuse of power.
Modern slavery comes in many forms, and it always involve the deprivation of a person's freedom. Its forms are including but not limited to: forced labour exploitation, forced marriage, forced sexual exploitation, state-imposed forced labour, and even human trafficking where people are literally sold and considered less human than the others.

Why We Need to #EndSlavery

About Us

Emancipate Indonesia is a youth organization initiated by youths from cities across Indonesia. Emancipate focuses on modern slavery issues, for it is a follow up initiative from its founder’s participation on Students Opposing Slavery Summit in Washington D.C.

Our Vision

We envision a future of our world free from slavery. A future where the voices of slavery survivors are amplified to empower emancipation against slavery. A future where every supply chain is free from slavery. A future where everyone has a chance to ensure freedom, dignity, and welfare is fulfilled to emancipate the world from slavery.
Therefore, our vision sees the importance of every elements in the society, particularly youth as our future frontiers to understand slavery from its earliest signs and take action to fight it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combat modern slavery through youth-based engagements. We achieve this through campaign, research, capacity building and advocacy.

Our Objectives

In our fight against modern slavery, our key objectives are :

  • Empowering youth to be aware and take actions in supporting the fight against modern slavery;
  • Delivering data-driven mapping about modern slavery-related issues;
  • Helping to empower modern slavery survivors to make their voices heard by stakeholders;
  • Encouraging ethical consumption and other awareness-building measures to mitigate slavery footprint in supply chains.

Latest Blogs

I am (more than) a Slavery Footprint

Usually I answer this question with the story of the shirt that I bought 7 years ago. Behind its loose buttons, I discovered more about slavery footprints: the fact that in many products that we buy, or the services that we get, there are many people who were “enslaved” for being forced to work in worrying conditions.

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Breaking the Silence of the Brands

Seven years ago, I bought a shirt. It was a grey shirt with tiny square patterns. I bought it in the center of Utrecht during my family visit. I hurried back home on my bicycle and showed my Mom what I have bought. It was a good bargain with great discount, and I praised my successful effort to buy the €3 shirt. I asked my Mom to fix the loose buttons on my new shirt, but my Mom was just standing still. Then she said “Maybe your loose buttons were sewed by children. Some little girls who works day and night, got tired by overwhelming targets, hence the loose buttons.”

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Indonesian Female Migrant Workers (TKW)

Slavery may be a word that sounds ancient; but in fact, slavery still exists with a new term, which is modern slavery. Quoted from the World Slavery Index, modern slavery can be defined as the condition in which a person treats others as their property, so that the person's (slave) freedom is seized and exploited for the benefit of the person who practices slavery; people can be hired and thrown away like goods. Based on data from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and BNP2TKI, there are around 5 million Indonesians working abroad as migrant domestic workers, where the majority of them are women.

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